Safe, Humane And Easy To Apply

"Soft Claws nail caps are so comfortable, most cats and dogs don't notice they're wearing them."

Soft Claws are soft plastic nail caps that simply slide over your pet's own nails and are widely regarded as the safe and humane solution to cat and dog scratching in the home.

You will be surprised at how easy they are to apply, it takes just minutes with guaranteed results! Its one of those products that actually work! Just ask Hillary Clinton who proudly uses them on her cat 'Socks'

Approved By Vets

Designed by Dr. Toby Wexler as an alternative to Declawing, and prescribed by Veterinarians throughout the world, you can now buy this amazing product now online at a discounted price.

And now, they are improved. Each feline nail cap (except kitten) is embedded with a series of self-locking cleats (CLS), which offer an improved grip. They also feature Soft Cuff, which helps them fit snugly around your cat's nail. Combined with the cleats, the cuff helps to improve over-all adhesion.

Amazing Benefits

The vet-approved solution to problem scratching

Invented by a veterinarian. 
Dr. Toby Wexler, Soft Claws® have been on the market since 1990. Each Soft Claws kit contains everything required to apply the nail covers at home.

This is an amazing product that really works.
Most pets tolerate Soft claws extremely well. The vast majority of pets don't even know they are wearing them. 

Soft Claws are extremely safe and non-toxic.
The adhesive is the same type of adhesive used in many veterinary procedures. The caps and dried adhesive are non-toxic and completely safe.

Soft Claws will not interfere with the normal extension and retraction of your cats nails.
Your cat can still scratch with Soft Claws® allowing normal stretching and scratching behaviour to continue - just no damage will occur.